Objective, Test, and Rubric Construction


Student Performance Objectives:


PHY 311 Course Syllabus


Test Analysis:

Performing a Test Analysis Assignment (read Improving Your Text Questions before completing.)

Writing Student Performance Objectives:

Examples of Student Performance Objectives

How (NOT) to Write Student Performance Objectives

Writing Student Performance Objectives Assignment

Test Preparation:

Writing Clear Exam Questions - A story about how NOT to write test items.

Improving Your Test Questions - 33 pages of suggestions for writing and evaluating seven types of test items.

TIPERs (Tasks Inspired by Physics Education Research)

Examples of TIPERs in the area of charged particles in a magnetic field

Test Writing Assignment (test and rubric to be scored with a Test Project Scoring Rubric)

Rubric Construction:

Scoring Rubrics (PowerPoint presentation)

Creation of Scoring Rubrics

Creating a Scoring Rubric Assignment


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