Physics Teacher Certification &

Professional Development

including a C&I Master's Degree Program

with a 9 to 12 hour concentration in Physics Teaching




Last Updated: 07/19/12

Contact Carl J. Wenning, Physics Teacher Education Education Specialist,
at for details about participating in any of these opportunities.

Official Documents

Please note that the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) maintains an official Web site with information about teacher certification and designations. See the ISBE's official Guide to Requirements for Certification, Endorsement and Assignment of Teachers, School Service Personnel, and Administrators for complete details (most recent edition July 2005). Also, answers to many of your questions may be found by accessing the Web site's Table of Contents.

Certification Requirements

The Illinois teacher certification system has three tiers: (a) Initial License, (b) Standard License, and (c) Master Teacher Certificate. To obtain the Initial License, candidates are required to graduate from an accredited teacher education program at one of the State's universities. Here you will find information about graduation from Illinois State University's nationally accredited Physics Teacher Education Program.

Teachers who hold the Initial License must progress to the Standard License after three years.

To obtain the Master Teacher Certificate, students must earn National Board (NBPTS) certification. This can be done under the mentorship of ISU Physics Department PTE program director Carl Wenning. Illinois State University is home of one of only five National Board Resource Centers.


Click here to see the current list of states that have reciprocity with Illinois teaching certificates under the Central States Teacher Exchange Agreement and NASDTEC Interstate Agreement.

Recertification Requirements

ISBE Teaching Certificate Renewal Process

ISBE Certificate Renewal Manual

IEA Web site containing additional information about renewal process


Professional Development Course Work

Summer 2008:

Physics 429.03 (Modeling Method of Instruction - Mechanics) and Physics 429.04 (Modeling Method of Instruction - 2nd Semester Topics) available as two six-hour workshops. Workshops will be taught at Wheaton Warrenville High School.

Master of Science Degree in Curriculum & Instruction with Physics Education Concentration

The Master of Science degree in Curriculum & Instruction (M.S. in C&I) is suitable for in-service teachers desiring to concentrated in Physics Education. A teaching certificate and two years of classroom experience are required for admission. A draft plan of study is available.

Advanced Degrees

Find the graduate school that is right for you by using this convenient comparison guide.

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