Welcome to the IDP Website

Our Goal:

To solicit technical problems from citizens, businesses, and non-profit groups and help teams of students create workable solutions to those problems.

Solving Technical problems for ordinary people

If you've ever said, "There must be a better way to do this!" or
"I wish someone would invent a gadget to do that", then the students at the Innovative Design Project are here to help. Send us your design problems.

If you're an ISU student and you think solving real world problems is cool (or at least good for your education), join a team and find a problem to solve...or bring your own problem and start your own team. Check out the Current Projects link to see what our teams are thinking about right now.

Contact IDP:

George Rutherford, Director
Department of Physics
Illinois State University
Campus Box 4560

Phone: (309) 438 - 2934

Office: Moulton 308A
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